Muraraka College, Sultanganj

मुरारका कॉलेज , सुल्तानगंज

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In a time when we are totally dependent on the technology each and every student should have proper technical education and department of science not only opens a new way to future but also helps in everyday matters. we all know that from rising sun to switching on a fan in each and every aspect science is involved in this era our college is not only providing students with quality science education but also with the help of labs we are trying to empower students and trying to make them believe what, where and when anything occurs, the logics and the reasons behind it.

Program outcome


To enrich and encourage students in the field of science, where each and every aspect has a logical reason and to make them involve in the process of learning and feelings the surrounding.


Dr. Om Prakash Gupta

H.O.D - Maths

Dr. Lalit Narayan Mandal

H.O.D - Physics

Sri. Niranjan Lal

H.O.D - Botany

Dr. Anshu Kumar

H.O.D - Chemistry