Muraraka College, Sultanganj

मुरारका कॉलेज , सुल्तानगंज

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IQAC Quality initiative

IQAC Murarka College Sultanganjproactively participating in enhancement of teaching and learning environment in college. Construction and reconstruction of various committee was done to make sure multidirectional feedback and growth of college. From 2018 onwards IQAC was working with dedication to achieve the following key aims


  1. IQAC Murarka College Sultanganj Has taken initiative to improve learning and working culture of the campus. Few of them are listed here
  2. Construction of various committees to decentralise the work and to ensure smooth functioning of college
  3. Encourage the department to organise regular seminar/workshop department wise
  4. Taken initiative to convert our library to digital library and provided e-source of books and journal through NFLIBNET and Shodh-Shindhu.
  5. Office was updated through office automation by the initiative of IQAC
  6. College student and teacher are in process to get well connected through College own APP.
  7. Quiz, reviews and feedback are on APP.
  8. Lab infrastructure is updating to as per need of modern era
  9. Girls Common room was developed with as per need of Girls need and necessity like magazine, games, RO water, and urination facility
  10. Initiative to update Staff room with facility like separate washroom, magazine, gaming zone etc
  11. ICT enabled classrooms and language lab was established to create better teaching and learning process.
  12. With the help of development committee, IQAC has taken initiative to create 3 seminar room
  13. Series of lecture was organised on Intellectual Property Right for students and Teachers
  14. Modern I-card was introduced for Staff/ faculty with employee code
  15. Service book of all employee is now in digital form with the help of office automation
  16. Biodata of all teacher/ staff was created by initiative of IQAC.
  17. Feedback of Stack holder were collected, analysed and published. Team is trying rectify the problem by raised by stack holders.
  18. Canteen for students and staff was established
  19. Medical facility were established for regular check of health
  20. IQAC has taken initiative to establish Gym for student to be fit and healthy
  21. IQAC has started to connect his family by arranging first alumni meet.
  22. College is already enriched with sports facilities and IQAC has given encouragement to increase the participation of female student.
  23. Arranged Internship programme for Biology group of student and encouraged other department for the same.
  24. IQAC has taken initiative for clean and green campus, by plantation, dustbin installation, heading towards paperless office.
  25. Initiated to get computer lab
  26. Website development was done by the initiative by IQAC
  27. Restarting the publication of college Magazine
  28. Established a E-waste Room

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