Muraraka College, Sultanganj

मुरारका कॉलेज , सुल्तानगंज

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Introduction to Cycle Stand

The College cycle stand is constructed from either steel with a galvanised, polyamide or plastic coated finish, or stainless steel with a satin or bright finish. The College is available in a root fixed or bolt down version. The standard steel tube size is Ø42mm, although for a heavier aesthetic and extra strength - heavy duty tube of Ø48mm diameter can be specified. The College cycle stand is available from stock for next day delivery. A junior version of the cycle stand is ideal for use in schools for bicycles and scooter storage, and has an above ground height of 600mm.

The College cycle stand can be supplied welded together to form a cycle rack, ideal for free-standing applications or where quick installation is required.

Aims of Cycle Stand

  1. Promoting Green Environment
  2. Anti Pollution Movement
  3. Promoting health benifits

Introduction to Car Parking

Enforcement of parking rules and regulations is critical to both vehicular and pedestrian safety and to insure that the beauty of the college grounds is preserved. Campus Police requests that all members of the community comply with the spirit and the letter of the regulations at all times. All parking is color-coded and applies to vehicles with current Smith College parking decals or passes. White lines apply to faculty and staff vehicles. Green lines apply to student vehicles. Orange lines apply to service vehicles and blue lines for visitors. All vehicles must display appropriate current decals or passes.

Parking in green-lined spaces is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individual spaces are not reserved for each decal. Students whose vehicles are properly registered may park in designated student lots only 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no exceptions. The same rules are in effect during the break period, holidays, January and summer term.

Aims of Car Parking

  1. Providing parking area for both students and teachers
  2. Parking facilities for both bikes and cars