Muraraka College, Sultanganj

मुरारका कॉलेज , सुल्तानगंज

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Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Teacher's

  1. Come to college with decency in dress and approach.
  2. Follow regularity, punctuality and sincerity.
  3. Do not allow divisive force and politics in the college.
  4. Behave properly among teachers, towards supporting staff and students.
  5. Maintain healthy relation with students.
  6. Be sincere to maintain an academic atmosphere.
  7. Do not misuse college property.
  8. Follow discipline to encourage others towards discipline.
  9. Be humble in approach and guide for students.
  10. Work in college as a team for improving Teaching-Learning.

Code of Conduct for Principal

  1. Be strict in administration, management and organization with humanitarian approach.
  2. Follow sincerity, regularity, honesty and punctuality in behavior and approach.
  3. Be a role model for teachers, non-teaching staff and students.
  4. Supervise academics and other activities.
  5. Follow academic Calendar to stricted measure.
  6. Solving the problems of students, and employees.
  7. Maintaining cleanliness and healthy atmosphere in the college.
  8. To practice discipline.
  9. To lead in all activities.
  10. To improve work culture.

Code of Conduct for Governing Body

  1. To follow University guidelines.
  2. To initiate recruitment process as per requirement and availability of funds.
  3. To organize meetings and take decisions as per rule.
  4. To guide the college to maintain quality education and a better work culture.
  5. To suggest college administration to adopt new trends.
  6. To co-operates employees in solving their problems.
  7. To work for improving academic, infrastructural and student support services.