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In a culture where the dominant form of communication is logical and verbal, art explores the power of visual imagery for personal and public communication. The Arts Department provides students with the means to pursue this imagery with a foundation in visual studies. This foundation is necessary for students to develop practical and theoretical knowledge about a broad range of visual activity, both past and present; students are offered courses that expose them to the complex relationship between theory and practice. The arts introduce us “to people we have never met, places we have never visited, and ideas that may have never crossed our minds. By showing how others have lived and thought about life, the arts help us decide what is important in our own lives and what we can do to make them better. By connecting us with other people, they point the way to answers about what is right or wrong, or what is true to our heritage and our history. The arts help us address the challenges we face together in our families, our communities, and as a nation.” Our college currently offers eight honours courses in arts , the offered courses are

Gender issues are discussed in the subjects like English, Hindi and Urdu as literature cannot escape gender relevant issues. Environment and sustainability issues are referred in both arts and science subjects like Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Human values and professional ethics are integral part of any curriculum as they fulfil the aims and objectives of both basic and higher education.

Scope of the course

Students graduating with a major in arts may become professional artists or pursue careers in such diverse areas as arts management, museum and gallery practices, public school teaching, media arts, publishing, of the social domain. Many students who want to teach at the college level continue their education in graduate school.

Learning Outcome


As a department our aim is to produce versatile, confident, creative thinkers with the skills and ability to communicate their ideas and ultimately succeed in the creative industries and beyond.


Amar Kant Singh

H.O.D - History

Dr. Prabha Kumari

H.O.D - Economics

Dr. Nagendra Tiwari

H.O.D - Philosophy

Dr. chandralok bharti

H.O.D - Political science

Dr. Nitu Kumari


Smt. Arpita Mitra

H.O.D - English

Smt. kanchan prasad


Md. H. Huma

H.O.D - Urdhu

Smt. Mamta Kumari

Guest faculty - Hindi

Navin Kumar Paswon

Guest Faculty - Political Science

Dr. Dilip Kumar

Guest Faculty - Geography

Dr. Akhilesh Prasad Mandal

Guest Faculty - Geography