Muraraka College, Sultanganj

मुरारका कॉलेज , सुल्तानगंज

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Murarka college , Sultanganj situated on the bank of the river Ganges , is contributing higher education to the society being on the coast of Janhvi river .

Murarka college was founded by first chief minister of Bihar “Bihar keshari” late Dr. Sri Krishna singh. 23rd feb 1955 Murarka college was established by Murarka family for the first time in Bihar , where Murarka family had setup a saraswati temple for the college and decided to spread higher education in Bihar .During the initial areas of the college , it had only Intermediate course , In 1956 B.A courses was added .This became one of the most important degree college of Bihar university .In 12th july 1960 bhagalpur university was established(currently under T.M.B University) Chancellor and vice chancellor T.M.B University had contributed for the development of the institution , with the help and advice of professors the UGC had granted the right for holding national seminar.

For the first time in 2014-15, the college had organised the inter college cricket & Football tournament, our college students had also participated in inter university athletic competition.

In 1975 the college stepped in its 20th year and on that very year Murarka college was selected as the top 10 colleges of Bihar by the government and university of Bihar. on 23rd feb 1976 Murarka college was accepted as a constituent unit duly, from that time students of Murarka college are establishing in their individual fields and in other educational sectors nationally and internationally. In 1980 Murarka college celebrated its silver jubilee with mukarka family. Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa and Saint Karpatriji Maharaj honoured the college by visiting the college and gave their blessings in the same year .

In 2005 Murarka college celebrated its golden jubilee and stepped into its golden 51st on 2006. With the immense help and support of numerous professors , politicians and saints the college had grown up and has 2 buildings of its own that provided quality education . Students from surrounding rural areas like mirhatti,dudhela,ashiachak,nonser,gangania,kalianpur,bariyarpur,asarganj,udhyadih,masoomganj,sambooganj have already established in their respective fields and also have been influenced by NCC (National Codet Corp) and NSS(National Service Scheme).
The college is now constantly upgrading itself under prof.(Dr.) Amar Kant Singh ,the principal . We hope to serve Bihar and also pray for the wellbeing of the students.


Late Seth Ranglal Murarka donated the sprawling campus to facilitate the higher eduction of rural girls and boys of Sultanganj , belong to the financially backward class. To be the premier source for education workforce training and economic development.

To reach the stage of attainment where the college cn humbly boast of its salient contribution forward towards the social and economical changes in the locality by providing oppurtunities for higher education along with NCC and NSS training .


Service     Discipline     Knowledge

The college endeavors to inculcate appropriate values in student through knowledge discipline and service.The institution tries to ensured through effective transaction to deliver the UnderGraduate Curricula framed by the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. Its mission is to make aware the students of social cultural economic and environmental realities at the local National and University Levels and thereby contributing towards the creating and maintaining a progressive and enlightened ambience.

Murarka College At a Glance


A premier Institution, situated in the heart of the Sultanpur, dedicated to the noble cause of education in the campus area of 12 acres.

Safety First

Completely safe, sound and healthy atmosphere conducive to all round development of students' personality.


A well-equipped library with 55,615 books with built area of 3000 sq ft and a separate spacious study room with 1470 sq ft


We at murarka college believe that Right To Information is the most powerful weapon for any student , Being able to understand what is being held he or she will have the right to choose the ways in his life in the right way

Courses Offered

We at murarka college offer
  • B.A. Special - Bengali , English , Urdu , Hindi , Sociology , Economics , Psycology , Philosophy , History and Political Science.
  • B.Sc. Special - Math , Physics , Chemistry , Zoology and Botany
  • Certificate Course - Computer Certificate Course.


Area120 Acers

Total Area of the college compound

No .of Buildings5

  • 1 Library
  • 1 Library
  • 1 Library

No.of Rooms20

Total Area of the college compound

Common Room1

Total Area of the college compound

Parking Area2

Total Area of the college compound


Total Area of the college compound